• Personalized HTML based graphic email delivery
  • 24/7 viewing and access
  • Direct bill-payer to your EBPP Website
  • Click-through & bounce-back reporting – 24/7 access to back-end reporting on account number and any user-defined fields
  • DP-eBill Lite – Email delivery with a link to the original bill-payer invoice
  • DP-eBill Gold – Email delivery with a PDF attachment of bill-payer invoice
  • DP-eBill Secure – DP-eBill Gold with security applied to the PDF attachment


  • Reduce Cost for customer service, printing, postage and remittance
  • Improve Cash Flow with more convenient delivery options and improved payment time-frames
  • Turnkey Solution – you don’t need to be technical. Our implementation experts make start-up fast and simple.
  • Fewer Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)